It was just a matter of seeing your face when you stepped into the pitch to realize how much this meant to you.
"It couldn’t have been a more special match, to come back to the Calderón after seven years and to do so for a Champions League semi final. It couldn’t have been better. It was very emotional and I’ll forever be grateful for the fans. I was grateful for them when I first came here when I was ten years old, I was grateful when I left, and now that I’ve come back. The reception I got from the fans before and after the match is something I’ll never forget."
"It’s no secret that I take enormous joy whenever Atleti wins or that I suffer greatly whenever something bad happens to them. With the exception of today and next wednesday, I want Atleti to win always. Me and Cholo send each other texts regularly, we keep in touch as much as we can. We were teammates for two years and our relationship was always good. I always do my best to wish him all the best whenever they need it and to congratulate them when they win.” (x)

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Pedro Rodriguez for Peugeot.

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You are the sunshine that makes my day and I won’t let them take that away.

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Happy 1st Birthday, Princess Lia! 

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Happy 1st Birthday, Princess Lia! 

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Zaida, Olaya e Luca, i figli di David Villa

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Training session at the Vicente Calderón - (08-04-14) .

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Believe you can and you’re halfway there

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